Abundance is a full heart,

not a full house.

-Courtney Carver, Be More with Less

Kris Vogelsang

‘What do you do?’ 


‘I make people happy in their homes!’


It’s my pleasure to work with clients to ‘edit the excess’. To assist them with removing non-essential items from their homes so that they can feel less stressed in them, more organized, and therefore, create more time for them to pursue activities that they want to be doing. 

Whether they’re staying in their current home or getting it ready to go on the market, I can help them decide what items should remain, to allow their home to not only look beautiful but to function beautifully as well. 

I have worked in the antique/furniture/home accessory business for over 15 years buying and selling through group shops, fairs, and to private clients. Prior to that, I worked in the fashion industry, honing my customer service and merchandising skills. And even prior to that, there were glimpses that I was destined to be in this field. I was that kid that asked for a dollhouse, not to play with, but to decorate all those rooms! My passions are Home Decor and Minimalism. Two words that don't normally go together, but that's what makes me the Home Editor

I believe in keeping only the items that are loved and/or serve a purpose. Let's get simple and clutter free! Let's make room for family, friends, and adventure! Join me, won't you?