Abundance is a full heart,

not a full house.

-Courtney Carver, Be More with Less

Kris Vogelsang

I have worked in the antique/furniture/home accessory business for over 15 years buying and selling through group shops, fairs, and to private clients. Prior to that, I worked in the fashion industry, honing my customer service and merchandising skills. And even prior to that, there were glimpses that I was destined to be in this field. I was that kid that asked for a doll house, not to play with, but to decorate all those rooms, (joy!). I was that kid that loved to rearrange and decorate her room constantly, (thanks Mom for letting me paint my bedroom trim bright yellow, it so-o-o matched my orange shag rug!).  My passions are Home Decor and Minimalism. Two words that don't normally go together, but that's what makes me the Home Editor! I believe in keeping only the items that are loved and/or serve a purpose. Let's get simple and clutter free! Let's make room for family, friends, and adventure! Join me, won't you?