Let your home be the best

version of you.

Whether your just moving into a new home or have lived there for many years, you may need a bit of help with pulling everything together to make it look like 'you'. I specialize in helping you remove the excess in your home, so that you are only living with the items that you truly love or serve a purpose. Decluttering is the first major step in getting you to that point. Together, we'll go through your home, room-by-room, to determine how you want to live in that space. We'll put together a plan that you can implement on your own, at your own pace, or if you choose, I can assist you to implement that plan. 

We'll discuss removal or relocation of excessive items, furniture placement, possible paint color changes and suggestions to purchase new accessories and/or furniture.  I do believe in 'shopping' your house, before suggesting purchasing any items. I understand that you have items that may tell your personal story, unfortunately, you may not be honoring those items. Let's get them out of the packed away boxes and display them proudly. Let's remove the items that don't have much, if any, meaning. I'll use what you have, and together, we'll make it look like your home! 

Need some facts on the benefits of decluttering? Here you go...

  • Less to maintain = more time for experiences, family and friends

  • Less clutter and chaos = calmer home and family members

  • Fewer belongings = more organization

  • Not buying 'filler' items = more money in your pocket

I'll spend approximately two hours with you where we'll develop the 'master plan'. I'll send you a written overview of everything we discussed, providing suggestions as to where to donate, how to remove items, and where to purchase items if needed. For this service, the cost is $195 (additional travel expenses may apply). If you would like me to help with the actual implementation of the plan in any capacity including hands-on work, shopping, etc., the hourly rate is $35/hr (additional travel expenses may apply). Covering towns North and West of Boston and Southern New Hampshire, other areas may be considered.